Protected Areas and Natural Parks in the Province of Belluno

In the Province of Belluno there are around 15 protected areas including National Parks and National Reserves. Specifically there are:

- National Park of Dolomiti Bellunesi, kmq 320

National Park of Dolomiti Bellunesi

- Natural Regional Park of Ampezzo Dolomites, kmq 110

Natural Regional Park of Ampezzo Dolomites

- State Reserve Monte Pavione
- State Reserve Monti del Sole
- State Reserve Piani Eterni, Errera and Val Fiscalina

Piani Eterni

- State Reserve Piazza del Diavolo
- State Reserve Schiara Occidentale
- State Reserve Somadida (Marmarole Group), kmq 17
- State Reserve Val Tovanella (Bosconero Grouo), kmq 10
- State Reserve Valle Imperina
- State Reserve Valle Scura
- State Reserve Vette Feltrine
- State Reserve Vincheto di Cellarda
- Natural Reserve Pian di Landro Baldassarre
- Integral and Nature Reserve of Monte Faverghera, kmq 625
- Integral and Natural Reserve Of Piaie Longhe - Millefret

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