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Hotel Val di Non and Predaia

Destinations: Val di Non and Predaia

Val di Non and Predaia: canyons, sport and culture

This is the valley of apples and wonderful blooms, of canyons and of water. The valley of Val di Non and the Predaia plateau offer you all the kinds of holiday you can think of: active holiday or relaxing holiday, cultural holiday or food and wine holiday.

Val di Non - Predaia: canyons, lakes and rivers

Val di Non is renowned for its delicious apples, but the valley offers more than just excellent fruits: it offers an underground world made of canyons, gorges and waterfalls you can discover along fascinating trails engraved in the rocks. Two of these trails, Canyon Rio Sass and Parco Fluviale Novella can be visited with expert guides, but other trails can be explored alone, provided that you are very careful.

This is a world made of lakes and streams: you can explore the Santa Cristina Lake with a kayak, whereas the Tovel Lake, known also as the red lake, in the nature reserve of the Parco Naturale Adamello Brenta, is perfect for trekkers that here can start easy tours in the Brenta Dolomites. In some of the lakes you can swim, like the Smeraldo Lake in Fondo, the Santa Maria Lake in Tret, and the lakes of Coredo and Tavon, where, with the proper license, you can also practice sport fishing. Moreover, on the Noce stream you can practice rafting.

Val di Non - Predaia: holidays between sport and nature

Val di Non offers a holiday full of sport: included in the Parco Naturale Adamello Brenta, surrounded by the Maddalene Range and by the Brenta Dolomites Group, the Val di Non is a true training ground for those who are looking for a sport holiday. If you are mountain bike lovers, Val di Non offers 7 trails in addition to the round route Dolomiti di Brenta Bike and the Girinbike nelle Maddalene. If on the other hand you prefer walking, here you find high altitude tours, trails leading to the typical Alpine summer houses called malghe and to the canyons, trekking trails, walks for kids and adults... we suggest you try one of the "12 percorsi d'anaunia" and the Dolomiti di Brenta Trek. Many are the tourist and sport facilities scattered on the territory: playgrounds, adventure parks, tennis courts, bocce courts and a 18 hole golf course.

Winter holidays in Val di Non - Predaia

Instead of crowded ski areas, Val di Non offers smaller and quieter centers where you can discover the true atmosphere of the mountains in winter. This resort is a favourite destination for those who love alternative sports. Here every year the Ciaspolada, a snowshoeing competition, takes place, and the gentle slopes are perfect for horseback riding and snowshoeing tours. The lift facilities are on the Mendola Pass and the Roen Mountain, on Ruffrè and the Nock Mountain and on the Predaia plateau. You can practice cross-country skiing on the Predaia plateau and in the cross-country skiing center of Malosco. Kids can learn how to ski while having fun in the Predaia Park, open also in summer, and in Nevelandia on the Roen Mountain. Moreover, ski mountaineers will find here routes of every level on the Maddalene Range.

At the end of the day just relax in the cosy wellness centers and enjoy treatments and massages made with the Renetta apple, rich of antioxidants precious for your health and well-being.

Val di Non - Predaia: territory, culture and good food

The Val di Non valley includes five areas: the Maddalene Range, with its peaks and pastures; the Predaia plateau, with immense meadows and small hamlets; Quattro Ville d'Anaunia, reign of the apple; the Brenta area and the Val di Tovel valley, included in the nature reserve of the Parco Naturale Adamello Brenta; and the Mendola Pass, in the past favourite resort of the Habsburg Imperial Court, connecting the valley with Bolzano.

This land was under the rule of the Prince Bishops of Trento and is rich of strongholds, historical buildings and churches, so much that it is the region of Trentino with the greatest number of castles and stately mansions: the imposing Thun Castle in Vigo di Ton, Valer Castle in Tassullo and Malgolo Castle, the romantic Altaguardia Castle and Basso Castle, ancient rural house of the Thun family now hosting the Visitors Center of the natural reserve of Altaguarda. Val di Non has always represented an ideal destination for religious people looking for peace thanks to its many hermitages and sanctuaries. Here you find the famous San Romedio Sanctuary in Sanzeno, and many other sacred buildings that can be reached following nature trails like Sentieri del Cielo, Via romanica delle Alpi or Cammino Jacopeo d'Anaunia, a stage trail about 170 m long. This ancient land is rich of museums keeping the many archaeological finds, like the Raetian Museum. Worth a visit are the hamlet of Casez with its Gothic buildings overlooked by Casez Castle.

Val di Non - Predaia on the Road of "Strada della Mela e dei Sapori"

Many are the local products: the only PDO apple of Italy and its by-products; the Grana Trentino cheese and the cheeses produced in the typical Alpine summer houses called malghe; local cold meats like smoked mortadela, a product included in the Slow Food movement; small fruits and traditional desserts like the apple cake or the bredzel, all included in the food and wine route Strada della Mela e dei Sapori della Val di Non e di Sole.

Ski resorts: Val di Non and Predaia