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Hotel Romeno

Romeno in the higher part of Val di Non

Romeno is situated in the higher part of Val di Non, on a sunny plateau and surrounded by pine forests and crossed by enchanting walking routes. In spite of being not very large, its territory holds several historical and artistic attractions, like Castle Malgolo and all the churches spread around the municipality. The position of Romeno is simply ideal for walking tours or mountain biking in summer and for snowshoeing in winter on Mount Roen, plunged into a marvelous natural environment. The village hosts also one of the most known events in Val di Non, the Ciaspolada.

Romeno is really rich in culture as it has numerous historical and artistic statements. You should not miss Castle Malgolo and Casa Rosati, which boasts several traces of bygone eras and windows in Renaissance style. Castle Malgolo is an imposing private mansion, that you can unfortunately visit only from the outside, placed on the road between Romeno and the hamlet Malgolo and surrounded by thick woods and orchards. The building is dated back to 1342 and presents a distinguishing mix of styles as it has aspects from a medieval stronghold but also the flair of a romantic noble seat.
Among the numerous churches of Romeno some of them stand out from the other: the Parish Church dedicated to Our Lady of the Assumption, which holds the old altar piece of the Assunta, a real artwork of neoclassical painting; the Church of Saint Thomas and Saint Bartholomew dated back to 1191, with old paintings in Roman and Byzantine style. The Church of Saint Anthony presents remarkable frescoes on the outside, whereas on the inside it holds a cycle of frescoes revealing the life of Saint Antonio Abate. Noteworthy is also Maso di San Bartolomeo, a group of historic houses.

From the viewpoint of nature Romeno offers some really interesting attractions, in fact here you can admire the three peaks of the Mendola chain, better known as Mount Macaion, Mount Penegal and Mount Roen, all ideal destinations for those who love to plunge into fascinating landscapes enjoying walking routes in the green nature. The best season to venture into these areas is late spring, when you can admire nature at its best with all the marvelous mountain flowers.
The territory allows to practice several sports activities: bike lovers can choose among different tracks in the nature, the most remarkable one is surely the track that leads to Mount Roen, one of the most fascinating viewpoints in Trentino. The higher part of Val di Non offers several mountain bike itineraries which cross the large forests placed on the sides of the mountains.

In winter you can experience the fun of snowshoeing: in fact Val di Non is simply ideal for this kind of activity. There are various itineraries you can discover, one of them is the one on Mount Roen, an easy route suitable also for beginners. A statement of the reputation of Romeno and Val di Non as appreciated snowshoeing destinations is the sport event held every January, the Ciaspolada, which is a snowshoeing rally starting in Romeno and arriving in Fondo, divided into two different races, a competitive one and a non-competitive run.