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Hotel Feltre-Pedavena

Destinations: Feltre-Pedavena

Feltre and Pedavena: mountains, nature, culture and events, all in the same valley

Here you will find everything you are looking for in a holiday, from trekking to skiing, from art to sport events, from food to culture. Moreover, sun, small shores, lakes and the wonderful landscapes of the Belluno Dolomites National Park. The Feltre area includes the western side of the Piave valley: a territory where inaccessible lands, mountains and rivers merge together as part of a protected area where their characteristics are preserved. Many are the sport activities you can practice here, like hiking on easy paths or on the haute routes: you can choose from nature trails, hikes to the Dolomites peaks or through the Canzoi valley, theme routes like the water path in Sovramonte, and the Haute Routes n. 2 and n. 8.

We shouldn't forget other sports, like bicycle touring or mountain biking through the hamlets and villages scattered in this territory: Lamon, Alano, Vas, Cesiomaggiore, Seren del Grappa, Arsiè, San Gregorio nelle Alpi, Santa Giustina, Feltre, Pedavena...or like skiing near Mount Avena, often site for more extreme sports, such as paragliding and hang gliding.
In winter you can practice ice skating, ice hockey and curling in the ice rink, or cross-country skiing on the same track where in August the most awaited event of the Palio di Feltre takes place: the horse race.

This is a land devoted to sports, a fact testified by the many competitions and events, some international, taking place during the year: from the Granfondo Sportful, a long-distance cycle race, to the Giro delle Mura, an international night foot race; from the Pedavena-Croce d'Aune uphill time trial to the Belluno-Feltre foot race.

If you are looking for a more relaxing holiday, you can spend your days on the shores of the lakes: Lake Corlo in Arsiè is perfect for fishing or for pleasant pedalo and canoe tours, and you can sunbathe on the shores of the Busche Lake in Cesiomaggiore. Sport fishing can be practiced in many of the streams and rivers of this area included the Piave River, provided that you have a licence.

Culture and taste

The Feltre area is an interesting territory also from the point of view of culture and art. To begin with, you should take a look to Feltre itself, with the frescoed historical buildings, the duomo, the museums, and the archaeological sites, testimony of the ancient origin of the town and of its belonging to the Roman Empire: there where many finds in this territory, crossed by one of the most important Roman roads, the Via Claudia Augusta Altinate.

Moreover, in this area there are many manors and sumptuous villas: Villa Pasole in Pedavena, Villa Bellati in Vignui, Villa Tauro in Cesiomaggiore, Villa de' Mezzan in Grum, Villa Tonello in Fonzaso and Villa Fabris in Tomo. There are also some important museums, like the Bicycle Historical Museum and the Ethnographic Museum of the Province of Belluno, both in Cesiomaggiore, the Museum of the Great War in Vas, and the Ossuary on the Grappa Mountain, famous for the bloody battles fought there during the First World War. Worth visiting is also the minor basilica of the Saints Vittore and Corona in Anzù.

Such a rich land has also a long and rich culinary tradition. Many are the local products cultivated here, first of all the Beans of Lamon, the Marrons of Seren del Grappa, the Prussian Apples of Sovramonte, the Walnuts of Feltre, the flour for polenta made from Sponcio maize and the Potatoes of Cesiomaggiore, that you can try in the many festivals dedicated to them. You should also try the s'cios (snails) of Quero and the ciodet (honey mushrooms) of Alano di Piave. Finally, honey, cheeses like the Piave and the Schiz, the Pedavena beer and the grappa of Caorera.