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Hotel Stelvio

Stelvio, summer skiing and outdoor sports

Stelvio stretches between the valleys of Trafoi and Solda, in the area of Val Venosta. Towered by the imposing peaks of the Ortles-Cevedale, which rise above the 3,000 meters, it lures tourists the whole year round, tourists that can't resist the call of outdoor sports in the nature reserve Parco Nazionale dello Stelvio.

A unique and for the most part pristine natural environment, protected since 1935 with the foundation of the nature reserve Stilfser Joch National Park, is the most outstanding feature of Stelvio in Val Venosta. Once Stelvio and its territory were not much visited, since they were not easily accessible. Nowadays Stelvio is a favorite destination for those who love outdoor sports the whole year round, and is perfect for hikes, climbs, walks, summer skiing on the Stelvio Pass, mountain biking, sport fishing, ski mountaineering and downhill skiing. Here you find the famous, state of the art ski centers of Solda and Trafoi, which are administrative divisions of Stelvio.

The village is crossed by the road leading up to the mountain pass by the same name and connecting the region of Alto Adige to Bormio in Valtellina and to Switzerland. It is a long, winding route with 48 hairpins, a joy for all cyclists and motorcyclists.

Stelvio features also many architectural attractions. Originally a mining center, with narrow and steep alleys, it rises close to springs, and in the village you find 8 fountains. In the close nature reserve of Fragges you can admire the red deer.