Vallada Agordina

Vallada Agordina lies in the valley of Agordo in the Province of Belluno, precisely on the road which connects Cencenighe Agordino to Falcade. A village made of about 500 inhabitants where you can still perceive the deep faith which unites the people living there, and where the clock seems to have been stopped at the time when small alpine style houses and barns where the only constructions in mountain resorts. The territory offers several possibilities for easy walks among distinguishing hamlets which hide interesting historical and cultural attractions, and you can also take an exciting ride on a horse. The municipality includes numerous smaller settlements: Mas, Celat (the only one looking towards the south), Sachet, Andrich, Toffol, Piaz, Cogul.

As legend would have it, the inhabitants of Vallada Agordina converted to Catholicism thanks to a soldier which in 720 BC, when escaping from the Lombards, took refuge on the mountains overlooking the village, precisely on Mount Celentone. This mountain took its name just thanks to this figure. The strong religious interest of the inhabitants of Vallada (as it was called before all the villages of the Agordino valley changed its toponymy in 1964) is proved by the numerous spiritual murals painted on the front walls of the old houses.

Moreover, as an evidence of this strong spirituality, you can observe that several hamlets of the village have their own church. The main sacred construction is certainly the Church of Saint Simon and Judas Thaddeus, placed in the hamlet Sacchet (which is, by the way, the main core of the village), built in the eighteenth century and declared a national monument in 1894. This church holds the remains of the poet Valerio Dal Pos. The artistic deeds of this artist are remembered on two memorial plaques: one shows a small sentence which was dedicated to the artist from its countrymen, the other one displays an inscription which has been conceived by the artist himself before he died. The walls inside the church are decorated with numerous frescoes of the artist Paris Bordone which are dated back to 1549. Not to miss also the stunning Callido organ dated 1800. Other noteworthy churches: the Church of Saint Rochus in Celat, the Church of Sacred Heart in Sachet, the Church of Saint Joseph in Andrich, the Church of Saint Lucy in Cogul and the Church of Saint Anthony Abate in Mas.

Besides the precious architectural value, proved by the presence of all this churches, Vallada Agordina amazes its visitors also thanks to the strong commitment of its inhabitants to create a meeting place where people can stay together and celebrate the old traditions. This meeting space is the theater room of Vallada, which proves the centuries-old theatrical inspiration of the inhabitants of Vallada. This room is also the working place of the acting company called "Filo Comico Drammatica" (literally: Amateur Comic Dramatic Society) which for thirty years now is organizing original stage shows displaying local traditions and using regional dialectal expressions. This acting company is well-known and sought-after also outside the Province of Belluno.

The equestrian center "Club Le Piane" located in Celat, organizes various guided horse riding tours at the foot of Mount Celentone. The center offers short riding trips as well as longer riding tours along the Valle del Biois valley, both in winter and in summer. You can also choose among theme-based tours, such as the cultural trail which allows to observe the distinguishing murals and the Church of Saint Simon, or the panoramic route which leads to the San Pellegrino pass or to the Valle Imperina valley.