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Hotel Campo di Trens

Campo di Trens, a tour through the castles of Valle Isarco

Campo di Trens is situated in the Valle Isarco valley, between the tourist resorts of Bressanone and Vipiteno. This newly founded municipality hides many cultural and natural treasures, such as Pietra Castle, Tasso Castle, Welfenstein Castle, the Sanctuary of Maria Trens, and the protected areas of Castelpietra, Grante Moos, Prantnermoos and Kirchenau.

One of the most recent municipalities of South Tyrol, Campo di Trens was founded in 1928 through the union of Stilves and Trens. The village covers the eastern side of Giovo di Trens, down to the road leading to Bressanone and Vipiteno. On the territory of Campo di Trens there are many well preserved castles, like Tasso Castle, with the nearby practice wall, Welfenstein Castle and Pietra Castle.

Famous religious buildings are the Sanctuary of Maria Trens and the parish church of Saint Oswald, built in 1329.