Limana: art, culture and nature

Near to Belluno, lying on the bank of the Piave river, Limana is a city of art and culture, whose fame was due to the writer Dino Buzzati, who walking and spending the time in Valmorel.
It is real open-air museum, where you can find villas, churches, such as the shrine of Madonna Parè or the parish church of Limana, and rests of ancient villages. All this surrounded by a luxuriant nature, where you can get lost along the numerous paths for some hours.

In the centre of the village the St. Valentine's Church is worth a visit, where the mortal remains of the saint are preserved. In Pieve di Limana you can find the ancient church of St. Barbara, which goes back to the 1000. In Giaon, a densely-populated hamlet of the municipality, you can go along the striking 18th century via Crucis with 14 capitals, taking to the shrine of Madonna Parè, going back to the 6th century, where you can admire frescos of the 16th century, probably painted by Giovanni da Mel.

Due to the beauty of the landscape, this area turned to a holiday resort for many noble families who built here their villas, which can rightly be considered as Venetian villas. Some of the most important are: Villa Piloni in Cesa, surrounded by a broad park planned by Alexandre Poiteau, the gardener of Versailles, the striking Villa Barcelloni, Villa Sacello in Centore, whose original appearance and furniture have been preserved, and Villa Piloni-Castello in Villa di Limana, where ancient furniture, paintings and sculptures of Andrea Brustolon are kept.

Nature plays a crucial role in this small mountain city. The area, with the plain of Valmorel, is very appreciated by hikers and trekking-lovers, because it offers many easy paths, which are also suitable for mountain bike tours, with gentle slopes and winding curves, surrounded by an unpolluted nature, where old traditions, such as mountain pastures and milk processing, still live, with delicious products such as cheese and ricottas, which can be eaten with mushrooms, very abundant in the area. In the center of the village a dairy is still working, and there you can watch how milk is traditionally processed.

A must for all visitors is the Buzzati itinerary, in the places where the artist used to walk, which inspired the creation of the book I miracoli di Valmorel (the miracles of Valmorel) can be admired. The path goes along the old cartroad taking to Valmorel from the valley floor, with extraordinary views on the Dolomites.

Events in Limana

The village is a place of history, culture and nature. It offers many opportunity of amusement and fun, all the year round. In February there is the patronal St. Valentine feast, with a craft exposition, a vernacular poetry award and a national painting contest taking place on alternate years. But also the sweet Cioccolando festival, where you can taste chocolat appetizers and cakes, and also admire the artistic processing of chocolate by the maître Mirco Della Vecchia, as well as a market exposition.

Other events take place in the warmest months: Naturalmente Valmorel with walks where you can discover officinal, edible and aromatic herbs, the Valmorel Magnalonga, an itinerary in the nature and gastronomy of the area, the summer nights, with entertainment in the city square on Wedsnday, and Valmorel under the stars. But also non-competitive walks and runs, such as Corri Limana or Run Bike starting from the huts in Valmorel.