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Destinations: Garda Trentino

Garda Trentino: windsurfing, mountain biking and climbing

Garda Trentino, together with the Valle di Ledro valley, is the quintessence of the perfect holiday, a territory where you get the ideal combination of sport, wellness, culture, good food and fine wine. On Lake Garda, the heart of this area, you can practice countless sports like sailing, windsurfing and mountain biking, or you can walk around the old towns surrounding it and taste the delicious local dishes.

Garda Trentino includes the northernmost part of the wonderful Lake Garda, the biggest lake of Italy. This typical Alpine territory has a mild climate and Mediterranean vegetation, and the towns of Riva del Garda, Arco, Nago, Torbole, Drena, Dro and Tenno allow you to choose the kind of holiday you prefer. The Valle di Ledro valley lies a few kilometers away from Riva del Garda and is perfect for hiking, trekking, canyoning and paragliding.

Lake Garda and the Ledro Lake offer to sportsmen natural training grounds to practice every king of outdoor sports activities: thus it is not by chance that this area, a favourite destination in every season, is loved and known in all Europe. The crystal clear water invites you to swim near the shore, while offshore you can always practice sailing and windsurfing thanks to the constant winds, or go for a rowing boat trip. Riva del Garda, and especially Torbole, are the most famous windsurfing and sailing centers, and here you find prestigious schools and have the possibility to hire the equipment.

Climbers will surely enjoy the cliff walls overlooking the lake, with about 2000 routes including climbing routes, free climbing routes and vie ferrate, while the streams flowing down from the mountains are perfect for canyoning, an activity you can practice with expert guides in the various centers. The dirt tracks winding between the lake and the mountains are a favourite destination for mountain biking lovers. With height differences of 65 to 2000 meters, these tracks offer the ideal ground to practice every discipline: downhill, cross country, freeride, mountain bike tours and even street cycling. On the other hand, in the Valle di Ledro valley more than 200 km trails await you.

If you want to walk and keep fit, Garda Trentino and the Valle di Ledro valley offer you a network of trails perfect for Nordic walking and trekking. In Arco you find the Nordic Fitness Sport Park, with 15 trails covering a total of 100 km. If you want to discover the territory on foot, here you have an entertaining way to do it. Three are the itineraries we suggest you to try: the Trekking della Storia, the Trekking dell'Energia and the Trekking delle Meraviglie. Children will find here everything they need for their perfect holiday: miniclub, nursery, mini train tours, playground and instructors for every sport. In winter you can experience the thrill of ski mountaineering on the Stivo Mountain or have fun with the snowshoes on the Baldo Mountain, near Tremalzo and in the Val Concei valley, where you also find a cross-country skiing trail.

Shores, castles, big events, wine and food

After a day spent practicing your favourite sport you can relax and sunbathe on the white shores of Lake Garda and near the Ledro Lake, or try the local dishes rediscovering the pleasure of good company in the pubs, where you can try the local recipes made with fresh water fish, broccoli, plums, chestnuts, carne salada, flavoured with DOP extra-virgin olive oil and matched with fine wines to bring out the taste of the dishes. With a full stomach, you can then decide to go for a walk among the streets of the towns and visit castles, strongholds, Reinassaince buildings, museums and excellent sports shops.

If you are looking for a romantic holiday, during the Christmas holidays Garda Trentino is a blaze of lights, fragrances and warm emotions. Many are the events you shouldn't miss if you want to live a special Christmas, and during the year this area hosts big sports events: the Bike Festival, the Outdoor Days, the Jantex Bike Transalp and the Rock Master. Moreover, there is no lack of important events dedicated to music and fairs.