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Hotel Comelico Superiore

Comelico Superiore: holidays between Carnival, museums and a lot of sport

Comelico Superiore is a municipality located in the northernmost part of the province of Belluno bordering with the province of Bolzano and with Austria. The tourist resort comprises a series of villages and hamlets scattered in a wonderful natural environment made of lush meadows, thick forests and imposing rock faces, the perfect setting for a number of outdoor sports and activities. You could try for example some of the many hiking trails and the trekking tour Giro delle Cime, or relax for a couple of hours in the spa center after spending a day in the outdoors. The resort offers also many historical and cultural attractions, and traditional and sports events, like the famous Carnival.

Situated in the northern section of the province, on the border with Austria, Comelico Superiore boasts a wonderful Alpine landscape, with its lush green meadows, thick forests and imposing mountains rising tall above the tree line. This environment is the perfect setting for practicing a lot of outdoor activities the whole year round: in summer you can explore hiking routes such as the Cammino delle Dolomiti, the trails of the First World War, theme routes (dedicated to Carnival, traditions, rural life and ancient jobs), go for mountain biking tours through forests, pastures, trails or dirt tracks admiring the wonderful views, and enjoy wonderful riding tours of a few hours or true horse treks lasting several days, with stops in the farms and in the mountain huts. There is also the possibility of practicing sport fishing in the Padola stream.

In winter you can try the new ski tour Giro delle Cime, with 77 km ski slopes between Padola and Sesto (Alta Pusteria) and breathtaking views on the surrounding peaks, or the over 30 km cross-country skiing trails in Valgrande and the 1.5 km loop trail from Padola to Valgrande for nighttime skiing.
You can also practice winter hiking and snowshoeing, both on and off-piste, horseback riding, ice skating, ski mountaineering, ice climbing and dog sledding, or go for a tour on a horse-drawn sleigh.

The spa center, located in Valgrande, is perfect for a wellness holiday. The beneficial properties of these waters were discovered about 160 years ago, and the new spa center offers a range of health and beauty treatments, such as skin care and hydroponic therapies. The area is rich in cultural and historical treasures: the Chiesa di S. Luca Evangelista, with works by Tomaso Da Rin and Cesare Vecellio, the Museo della Cultura Alpina del Comelico in Padola, the Palazzo Zandonella-Dall'Aquila and the Museo delle Tradizioni "La Fudina", both in Dosoledo, the Chiesa di S. Maria Assunta, the ancient Casa Gera, the Museo Etnografico and the old Chiesa di San Leonardo in the hamlet of Casamazzagno.

Main events: Comelgo Loppet - Gran Fondo Internazionale, a cross-country skiing race, CiaspDolomitica, international snowshoeing race, and Pitturina Ski Race, international ski mountaineering competition, all three taking place in January. In the weeks before Easter takes place the Carnevale Tradizionale (Traditional Carnival), and in June Dosoledo hosts the Festa della Terra (Earth Festival).