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Livinallongo del Col di Lana: hiking holidays, skiing and sport fishing

If you are looking for a holiday in the Dolomites, Livinallongo del Col di Lana is your best choice. Only here you can relax in the mountains of the Bellunese, away from the stress of everyday life, hiking to get into shape, visiting the sites of the First World War, practicing sport fishing in summer on the Cordevole stream and Alpine skiing in winter on the ski runs of Arabba or the Marmolada massif.

The First World War in Livinallongo

The First World War left a deep scar on this land, a scar you can still see in the trenches, the ruins of the forts and the dry-stone walls. Eight-thousand men died on the Col di Lana, since then called Col di Sangue (Hill of Blood). This mountain was chosen during the war for its strategic position: from there in fact you can see the peaks of Nuvolau, Sommamont and Forcelle, the Sella group and the Sass Picciéda mountain, the peaks of the Padon mountain range, the Civetta, the Pelmo and the Marmolada massif.

Livinallongo: summer holidays

Today you can choose from many paths going up to the top of the mountain. Here you will find a big wood cross and a small votive church built from the ex soldiers of the First World War of Livinallongo, and feel like an old sentry, admiring the ruins of the trenches, barricades and tunnel entries. Another path is the one starting and arriving at Palla, a small hamlet of the municipality, next to Pieve di Livinallongo. It is slightly steep, but not too difficult, and thus suitable also to less expert trekkers. At the beginning of the path you find the private museum of Pian de La Lasta, always open in summer season, and along the way you can see the craters produced by mine explosions. There is another interesting path starting from Palla and arriving to Teriol Ladin: it is a circular path around the mountain. You can esaily reach Col di Lana from other hamlets of the municipality of Livinallongo: Castello, Andraz, Pieve.

Livinallongo: river Cordevole and sport fishing

Since it is crossed by the Cordevole stream, this area is perfect for sport fishing, that can be practiced also in the many pools.

Livinallongo: winter holidays

Thanks to its favourable geographical position and to the imposing mountains surrounding it, this valley is one of the finest holiday destinations and one of the best places to practice skiing. Here in fact you will find the vast Arabba ski resort. The ski runs on the side of Portavescovo are, among the ski runs of the Oriental Alps,the steepest and the ones covered with snow for the longest period. From the centre of the village you can reach the ski runs in a few minutes and from here you can enter the Sellaronda ski route and the First World War ski tour.

Livinallongo: Ladin land with an ancient flavour

Livinallongo del Col di Lana is one of the principal Ladin valleys of the Dolomites. It is crossed by the Cordevole stream, that rises on the eastern side of the Pordoi pass, between the Sella group and the Padon mountain range. Livinallongo is part of the northern area of Agordino, but due to its geographical position, its history, and its natural environment, it can be considered almost a world on its own: large fir forests in stark contrast with well tilled terracing, lush green meadows interrupted by rocky mountains.

Livinallongo is a municipality different from the others, since it takes its name from none of the villages that compound it and the municipal building is in Pieve di Livinallongo, a village perched on the sunny side of the mountain, at an altitude of 1475 meters. Here you find an important museum, the Museum of History, Customs and Traditions of Ladin people, documenting Ladin people's history through objects, tools and memorabilia of rural life, models, photographs and costumes. In Pieve di Livinallongo there is also Sain James Major's parish church built in the 15th century, striking for its unique bell tower and the monument to Caterina Lanz, a Ladin heroine who fought against Napoleon's troops.

Food and wine of Livinallongo

A holiday in Livinallongo wouldn't be complete without some fine and tasty souvenirs: simple recipes and genuine products, like speck, Renaz, Cherz and Fodòm cheeses, pasta based dishes and desserts. A cuisine that tickles your appetite!

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