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Hotel Piné - Valle di Cembra

Destinations: Piné - Valle di Cembra

Pinè and Valle di Cembra: hikes, dragon boat racings and summer events

The Pinè Plateau and the Valle di Cembra valley offer you hikes and original sports like dragon boat racing and orienteering. Walking around these lands you will discover a lush nature and small treasures, or try new sports to change your summer holiday into something unique. And why not, you could also taste the delicious local wines.

The Pinè Plateau rises in the north-east section of the Trentino region and stretches in parallel with the Valle di Cembra valley and the Valle dei Mocheni valley. The best way to become familiar with this area is to walk (like the painter Albrecht Dürer did), and here surely there is no lack of trails: from those running on the valley floors, suitable also for children, to high altitude trails. The best season to come here is definitely summer, when nature is at its best. The main characteristics of the landscape are the many lakes, like the ones of Serraia and Piazze. On the Piazze Lake a special sport is practiced, the dragon boat racing, on standard length canoes with the top and the end framed as the head and the tail of a dragon. Other characteristic aspects are the forests and the meadows, the biotopes and the peat bogs contrasting with the many vineyard covered terracing and crossed by the Wine and flavours routes of the Colline Avisiane, Faedo and the Valle di Cembra valley. Here some fine wines of Trentino are produced, like the Müller Thurgau and the Pinot Noir. There are also many natural attractions, like the Pyramids of Segonzano, the Roccolo del Sauch in Giovo, a structure made of intertwined trees, and the plain of Pian del Gacc, ideal for mountain biking.

You can practice other sports like orienteering in Baselga di Pinè, archery, paragliding, horseback riding, sport fishing and much more. In a wonderful environment were built two state of the art sport facilities, the Ice Stadium of Baselga and the Palacurling of Cembra, sites of big events.

Summer on the plateau isn't only made of sport and nature. Here you will find also events and sites of cultural interest. The 15 municipalities have many monuments, castles, churches and an ecomuseum you can admire wandering around: Telvana Castle in Civezzano, the ancient organs, the sanctuary dedicated to the Virgin Mary in Montagnaga and Segonzano, archaeological sites... Moreover, a lot of events await you: daily programs brighten the summer, whereas during the rest of the year there are about 30 big events ranging from music (Sounds of the Dolomites) to history, folklore, wine and food, and Christmas events (El paès dei Presepi).

In winter the ski center offers ski runs for Alpine skiing and cross-country skiing, snowshoeing trails and horse-drawn sleigh rides.

Try the local products: besides the excellent wine, this area is rich of small fruits like blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, walnuts and chestnuts to eat raw or cooked down into jam. You can buy honey, cold meats and cheeses in the local farms or in the typical products market of Baselga di Pinè.