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Hotel Baselga di Pinè

Ice skating in Baselga di Pinè, between a crib and a walk

Baselga di Pinè is one of the main tourist resorts of the Pinè Plateau. It has a lot to offer also from the natural and cultural points of view: lakes, biotopes, ancient churches and an important ice stadium that made this resort famous beyond national borders. In winter Baselga is one of the best places to practice ice skating, whereas one of its administrative divisions, Miola, becomes the Paés dei Presepi: the village of the cribs.

If you are coming from Trento, this is the first municipality of the plateau you will meet. Together with its administrative divisions it relies solely on tourism and offers well equipped facilities, including an important conference center. Recently the Ice Rink Pinè was built, where you can practice many sports all year round: speed skating, short track speed skating, ice hockey, curling, broomball, and figure skating. The international athletes of the Stars on Ice meet here every year. Near the rink there are also a cross-country skiing trail and an archery camp. In the most beautiful period of the year, Christmas, the small hamlet of Miola becomes the Paés dei Presepi: about hundred cribs are set up among porticoes, fountains and old stables, in a really unique atmosphere.

This resort is loved for the quietness and the beauty of the environment, for the Serraia Lake, that becomes a perfect ice rink in winter, for the Laghestel biotope, for the many trails going up to the surrounding hills where you can practice orienteering, for interesting churches like the sanctuary dedicated to the Virgin Mary in Montagnaga, with the painting Madonna del Caravaggio, and for the many events that during the summer enliven the days of the guests.