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Hotel Renon

Renon: by train, cableway, bike or on foot

Renon is located near Bolzano, on the Renon Plateau, and comprises the administrative divisions of Collalbo, Soprabolzano, Longostagno, Vanga, Auna di Sotto and Auna di Sopra. Renon can be easily reached by car, but if you want to try a different experience, go there with the long cableway taking you from Bolzano to the plateau in only 12 minutes, or take the typical electric train connecting Collalbo with Maria Assunta. And once you arrive, let the beauty of the area fascinate you. 

What do you want to do first? After the cableway or train way, we suggest you to go along the educational path of the Renon plateau, to discover the area and its features, or to reach the typical earth pyramids you can find in the environs: you will be thrilled! What about having a rest along the Cosalovara Llake? Let the sun kiss you as you lie on its benches! If you feel like something sweet, visit the Plattnerhof farmhouse, which was turned into the Bee Museum, featuring a didactical path with the aim of discovering the senses of these colored insects. 

Starting from the plateau, you can go for beautiful walks reaching Corno del Renon - a resort turning to an important ski and trekking area in winter - as well as the other villages in the environs: Auna di Sotto, Longostagno, Longomoso, Monte di Mezzo and Collalbo. 

Soprabolzano and Collalbo are connected by the Freud didactic path, dedicated to the founder of psychoanalysis. You should also visit the old pilgrim hospice Commenda di Longomoso. 

A modern cableway allows to reach the peak Cima Lago Nero, offering many opportunities for hikes and walks among the most beautiful mountains of South Tyrol, overlooking the Stubai, Zillertal and Ortles Alps, Adamello and Presanella.