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Hotel Civetta - Selva di Cadore

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Destinations: Civetta - Selva di Cadore

Civetta - Selva di Cadore: ski and culture holidays

It is written Civetta - Selva di Cadore, but is spelled one of the best known and most beautiful ski areas of the Alps. We shouldn't need to say it, but here you will find all you need to change your holiday into an unforgettable experience: from Alpine to cross-country skiing, from snowboarding to snowshoeing, from ski tours to hiking, mountaineering, culture and history. Not too far from the ski area, at the beginning of the Val Fiorentina valley, lays Colle Santa Lucia, a resort that is definitely worth a visit.

Civetta - Selva di Cadore: winter holidays

Selva di Cadore co-manages, together with the municipalities of Alleghe and Zoldo, the Civetta Ski Area, the largest of the Veneto region: 80 km tracks, two of them floodlit, suitable for skiers of every level. 
The lower chairlift station is in Pescul, and in the centre of Santa Fosca there is a school camp for children, with bar, solarium, snowboard and ski rental, and a sledge slope. The cross-country ski center is in Peronaz, and the First World War ski tour is one of the many activities you should try, along with the many après ski events. And to experience the snow far from the slopes, try the many snowshoe tracks through Alpine meadows, villages and coniferous forests.

Civetta - Selva di Cadore: summer holidays

The summer brings blue skies and lush green meadows waiting only to be admired. How? On foot, along the many trekking trails, on your bike along paved roads, dirt tracks and the ancient roads of iron in the territory of Colle Santa Lucia, or trying some of the bravest hikes and climbing courses. Moreover, the valley is crossed by the Haute Route n. 1, one of the most famous Italian mountain hiking trails, and from this area you can easily reach the Giau Pass.
If you want to add some spirituality to a beautiful day outdoors, near Colle Santa Lucia you find the Way of the Cross, marked by 15 artistic stations.

History and culture of an enchanted valley

The image that best describes this area is probably the characteristic church of Selva: the cusp of the belfry, the sloping roof, perched on a hill, with imposing Dolomites in the background.

This land has a long Ladin tradition reflecting in the language, the customs and the culture, kept with loving care in the Civic Museum of Val Fiorentina "Vittorino Cazzetta" , where among the other finds you can admire the remains of the Man of Mondeval and a cast of the dinosaur tracks discovered on the Pelmetto. Other testimonies of the past can be seen in Colle Santa Lucia: in the old town lies Casa Chizzali Bonfaldini, holding the Istitut Cultural Ladin, where Dino Buzzati and Adolfo Baruffi set the short "Il postino di montagna", and not far lies Cesa Piazza, a building of the XVI century. We shouldn't forget the area of Fursil held a great importance in the past: here in fact a large iron ore vein was discovered, and the area is crossed by an important road: La strada della Vena and the ancient roads of iron, connecting the mines of Fursil to the Andraz Castle in the territory of Livinallongo del Col di Lana.

Try also the many local dishes, like cheeses produced in malga, a typical Alpine summer house, or the wonderful canifli, typical desserts of Colle Santa Lucia.