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Sedico offers hikes and cultural tours

Sedico, well-served by the train station, is a densely populated municipality rising on the right bank of the Piave River, on the entrance of the Valle del Cordevole valley, included in the nature reserve Parco Nazionale Dolomiti Bellunesi and surrounded by mountains such as the Schiara and the Monti del Sole. The territory is crossed by many hiking and mountain biking trails. Tourist attractions: the Castelliere di Noal, the many villas, the ancient Chiesa di San Nicolò in Bribano and the Carnival. Among sports activities: grass skiing.

Sedico: itineraries in the Dolomiti Bellunesi National Park

Thanks to the famous eyewear firm Luxottica and to other important companies, Sedico maintains its status of top industrial center. Since 1990 a large part of its territory is included in the nature reserve Dolomiti Bellunesi National Park / Parco Nazionale Dolomiti Bellunesi, with the highest peak of the park, the Schiara, rising up to 2,565 meters. Many are the hiking and mountain biking trails to explore, like the Sentiero naturalistico Zanardo in La Stanga and the routes on the Schiara, Pala Alta and Monte Peron.

Sedico: excursions and culture

In Sedico you can also enjoy some cultural tours to discover its treasures. There are many villas: Villa Manzoni, Villa Rudio, Villa Miari, Villa Bentivoglio, Villa Giacomini-Miari, Villa Crotta and Villa Zuppani. There are also some beautiful churches, like the Chiesa di San Nicolò in Bribano of year 1502 and the Chiesa di San Giorgio, from where you enjoy a wonderful view of the Val Belluna valley, of the Pala Alta and of the Monti del Sole. Definitely worth a visit are the Castelliere di Noal, archaeological site of an ancient fortified borough dating back to the Bronze and Iron Ages, the ancient hospice of Candaten, situated along the theme route La Via degli Ospizi, and the museum Museo del 7 Reggimento Alpini in Villa De Manzoni.

In Noal you can try a not so common sport activity: grass skiing; and Sedico has also a disco.

The Carnival of Sedico

The local tourism association is very active and organizes many events, such as the Carnival in February and the Sagra dei Per in July.