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Sospirolo is a village of about three thousand inhabitants and is situated near the wonderful Valle del Mis valley, overlooked by Mount Sperone, which gave the town its ancient latin name ("Sub Speronem", literally 'at the foot of Sperone'). The village is well-known for the Chartreuse of Vedana, that lies not far away from the center, and for being the birthplace of Girolamo Segato, a famous explorer, scientist and cartographer of the early 1800s. Several Villas built between 17th and 19th century are scattered along its area.

Sospirolo: access to the Dolomiti Bellunesi National Park

The Valle del Mis represents one of the main entrances to the natural reserve Dolomiti Bellunesi National Park. At one side there are the river and the artificial lake which take both the name of the valley, at the other side the peaks of the Monti del Sole Group, a sort of wall between this territory and the neighboring valley of Agordo. The area offers several walking tours for nature lovers, such as the itinerary that leads to the Cadini del Brentòn, 15 marvellous hollows eroded by the affluent of the Mis river along its course full of waterfalls: the colors are incomparable!

Sospirolo and the Chartreuse of Vedana

In the suburb San Gottardo, to the north-east of the village center, lies the renowned Chartreuse of Vedana. This ancient construction was known as a convent and its main function was to give hospitality and to feed travellers along its hard journey from Tyrol to the areas of Belluno. After being run by several families, it was inhabited by the family of Girolamo Segato, which was born in 1792 and stood out for its scientific and intellectual skills. As time went by, the building became a religious retreat and was seen as a model of organization thanks to the running of the Carthusian monks. Since 1977 the large and small cloisters are inhabited by a community of nuns from Pinerolo (Turin) that kept the religious order of the previous owners.

The villas of Sospirolo

Also the Villas spread around the territory are worth a visit. In Belvedere in the district of Gron there are Villa Agosti, which includes a flourishing garden and was built in the 17th century, and Villa Buzzatti Ferrante dated back to the 18th century. In Oregne lies the Villa 'Al Castel', which presents original vaulted cellars. Villa Agosti Miari is surrounded by distinguishing plants and is located in Susin. Villa Sandi Zasso, instead, is placed in the suburb Moldoi, and has taken its name from the family Sandi which came from the region Lombardia and inhabited the villa in the 18th century, and from the lineage Zasso that came from Agordo and owned it starting from 1830.