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Hotel Martello

Martello: sports, strawberry fields and Stilfser Joch National Park

Martello is the main center of the valley which takes the same name. Its area represents one of the oldest edges of Val Venosta. Thanks to its position in the heart of the Stilfser Joch National Park and at the foot of the imposing Ortles Group it is an ideal destination for trekking lovers: from the relaxing and easy walks at the bottom of the valley to the demanding high altitude tours which offer scenic views of the landscape, there's something for every mountaineer's taste. Not to miss the flora and the fauna hosted by the Park: every sighting offers a memorable excitement.

The surroundings of Martello can be explored even better on a bike. The area offers also climbing and minigolf possibilities, activities which can be practiced in the sports center that features also a fitness room. In winter the village becomes a popular ski resort: those who love skiing will discover 15 ski districts in the Ortler Ski Arena, who loves cross-country skiing will enjoy perfect trails and a renowned biathlon center.

Martello is worth a visit even in spring time: in fact the area is very popular for its strawberries which are grown in exceptional circumstances: it is one of the most important mountain areas with a strawberry cultivation in Europe, its fields reach an altitude of up to 1700 m. These tasty fruits gain its special flavor thanks to the cool breeze that blows among the mountains, they are used to prepare delicious jams and the well-known sweet round bread dumplings, both not to miss!