Vie Ferrate in Comelico

12 January 2018

Ferrata Mazzetta

Max.altitude: 2347 m
Difficulty: average
Departure: Auronzo (927 m).
Possible stops: Carlo Gera hut (2240 m).
Differences in height: Auronzo/Forcella Tacco, 1500 m; Forcella Tacco/Padola, 1100 m.
Time: 9/10 hours

Before reaching the Gera hut, turn right and follow path n.152 to the start of the "ferrata". The first section is quite easy, then difficulty increases - but the path is well-equipped. After reaching Forcella Tacco, get ready for the descent! In the first section, metal ropes will assist you. Subsequently, follow a mountain track leading to the foot of the rocks, where another track takes to Casera Aiarnola. Now, head north-east, through the wood: you will get to a clearing from where you'll easily get to Padola.

Duration: 11:00 hours