Tour of the Three Peaks of Lavaredo

Three Peaks of Lavaredo, a symbol of the Dolomites, attracts hikers and mountaineers from all over the world every year. Tour of the Three Peaks is an easy route suitable for families, well signposted, and among the most classic and well known in the Sesto Dolomites. Unique for the breath-taking panorama that surrounds it.

Tour of the Three Peaks of Lavaredo: where to start

The starting point is the Auronzo Hut (2,320 m), reachable from Misurina in about ten minutes by car along the paved double-lane road, with a fee, which also allows parking at the Three Peaks of Lavaredo. From the Auronzo Hut, from where you can enjoy a wonderful view towards the Valle dell'Ansiei and Auronzo di Cadore, the Cadini di Misurina (2,839 m), the Misurina Lake and the d'Antorno Lake, the Sorapiss (3,205 m), and Monte Cristallino of Misurina (2,775 m), follow the dirt road marked with the number 101 which in about 15 minutes leads to the church dedicated to Maria Ausiliatrice (Mary Helper of Christians) and in 30 minutes to the Lavaredo Hut. Having reached the latter, there are two options: you can continue left along the path that diagonally cuts the debris deposits at the base of the Torre Piccola di Lavaredo (2,857 m) or go along a dirt road that leads to Forcella Lavaredo in 45 minutes (2,454 m), a longer but easier path.

Once you reach Forcella Lavaredo, the highest point of the excursion, you can admire the beauty of the surrounding landscape: on the left are the majestic Three Peaks of Lavaredo, in front of you the Teston Rudo (2,737 m), the Croda dei Rondoi (2,800 m), Torre dei Scarperi (2,687 m), Monte Mattina (2,464 m), Torre Toblino (2,617 m), and Sasso di Sesto (2,539 m) at the foot of which you can see Locatelli Hut. Also visible: Monte Paterno (2,744 m) and the Croda Passaporto (2,701 m).

From Forcella go down the road for a short distance, then, just after the metal bar, leave the dirt road and take the path on the right that leads to A. Locatelli Hut (2,405 m), behind which there is a small church in memory of the fallen of the bloody battles fought in these wonderful mountains. Slightly deviating from the Hut towards the ridge on the right, you can see the Alpe dei Piani with both Lakes of Piani and, towards the valley, the narrow Valle Sassovecchio that descends towards the Fiscalina Valley and Sesto. On the left of the Valle Sassovecchio stands the Crodon di San Candido (2,891 m) and on the right Cima Una (2,698 m).

From the Hut, which is about halfway down the path, continue down the small road to the right if looking at the Three Peaks of Lavaredo. The first section is slightly downhill, and then continues toward the left, following signs for the Auronzo Hut. At the point where the road starts to rise, you leave the path descending along the wide path to the right and then continue to the fork on the left path which, in a succession of short ups and downs, leads to the sources of the Rienza River. After the springs and more ups and downs, you'll arrive at the Col Forcellina and, once you have passed the gravel, you'll reach the Forcella di Mezzo (2,315 m). Here the route becomes narrower and in about 3 hours you'll be back at the Auronzo Hut.

For more info on the Three Peaks, how to get there, rates, and the toll road opening hours click here.

Tour of the Three Peaks of Lavaredo: technical data

Place of departure and arrival: Auronzo Hut
Length: 9.5 km
Duration: 3 h
Difficulty: T (from Auronzo Hut to Locatelli Hut passing through Forcella Lavaredo) + E (from Locatelli Hut to Auronzo Hut passing through Forcella Col di Mezzo)
Difference in height: 400 m
Maximum altitude: 2454 m, Forcella Lavaredo
Recommended period: summer-autumn
Hut openings: June-September
Signage: 101, 105

Tour of the Three Peaks of Lavaredo: recommended maps

Tabacco Map 1: 25.000: page 010 Sesto Dolomites
Kompass Map: page 617 Cortina d'Ampezzo and Dolomiti Ampezzane

Tour of the Three Peaks of Lavaredo: times and distances

From the Auronzo Hut to the Lavaredo Hut: approx. 30 min. – 1.7 km
From the Lavaredo Hut to the Forcella Lavaredo: approx. 20 min. – 1.0 km
From the Forcella Lavaredo to the Locatelli Hut: approx. 40 min. – 1.9 km
From the Locatelli Hut to the Malga dei Pastori: 1.15 hour approx. – 2.8 km
From the Malga dei Pastori to the Auronzo Hut: approx. 35 min. – 2.1 km

Difficulty: Degree T = tourist
Length: 9.5 km
Max Altitude: 2999
Duration: 03:00 hours
Difference in altitude: 400 m

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