Lake of Lavaredo

They are three lakes which lie north of the Cime di Lavaredo, at the foot of the Cima Ovest.From the Rifugio-Hotel Auronzo enter the path n. 105, which reaches the Forcella Col de Mezo in about 25 minutes. Continue northwards and then descend on the right to the lakes. From Rifugio Locatelli descends along the path n.105, then leave it and run along the limits of the plateau. In about one hour you will reach the lakes.

  • Climb to the Lastròn deiTre Scarpèri: 2,30 hours
    From Rifugio Locatelli reach the Forcella di San Candido and then the Forcella Bassa, which leads to the Cadìn di San Candido. Then cross it and arrive to a rocky slope. Past the slope, before the Forcella di Sassovecchio turn left and then in a few time you will reach the peak.
  • Climb to Monte Paterno along the equipped path "Sepp Innerkofler": (for expert excursionists) 2,30 hours; the electric torch is necessary.
    As soon as you reach the Rifugio Locatelli (1,15 hours from Rifugio Auronzo), turn south-eastwards into the path which leads to the ridge where the tunnels begin. Exit from the longest tunnel and reach the canal that allows you to reach the Forcella del Camoscio. Cross it on the left as far as the peak.
  • Climb to Monte Paterno (Further itinerary)
    You can reach the Forcella Passaporto from Forcella Lavaredo, eastwards, through the tunnels. Past them, on the left you will meet a deep valley that climbs to Forcella del Camoscio. Go uphill along its right edge: here the "Sentiero delle Forcelle" (route of the Passes) begins. Who desire to climb to Monte Paterno must climb on the left. The descent is along the same outward journey.

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