Lake of Lagazuoi

It is on the edge of the Cadin di Lagazuòi, under the majestic walls of the Cima del Lago, Cima Scotoni and the Fànis.

From the Capanna Alpina, in Val Sarè - 1,15 hours

From the Rifugio you have to descend to Plan da l'Ega and then enter the mule track that climbs to Scotoni Hut, in 40 minutes. Continuing you can reach the lake at the presence of the Cima Scotoni. To go back to the starting point from here you can decide to go to the Forcelletta del Lago, and then descend to Val Sarè where you will find the mule track, which leads to the Alp of Fànes. Otherwise you can descend back to Scotoni Hut and turn into the path that leads to the Alp of Fànes. In a short time, after you have run along the Cima del Lago, you will find the path from the Alp of Fànes and the Capanna Alpina.

Crossing Scotoni Hut - Passo Valparola - 2 hours

From the Rifugio/Hut a comfortable path goes southwards to Forcella Salàres. From here turn westwards along a steep path and go downhill to Valparola Hut.

To the lake from the Piccolo Lagazuòi

As you reach Passo Falzarego get the Piccolo Lagazuòi and the homonymous Rifugio by the cableway. Now descend northwards as far as the path n. 20. Continue northwards and reach the lake in about one hour. Now descend along the steep gully which arrives to the Capanna Alpina an to the Bar Sarè near the province road to Passo Valparola and Passo Falzarego.

Climb to Piccolo Lagazuòi and descent to Passo Valparola

If, from the upper Lagazuòi cableway station you go uphill to the near Rifugio, you can reach the peak of the Piccolo Lagazuòi. A comfortable path leads northwards to a saddle; descend eastwards to the deep valley as far as the above itinerary.

Difficulty: Medium
Length: 8 km
Max Altitude: 2752
Duration: 03:40 hours
Difference in altitude: 769 m

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