Lakes of Bocche and Giuribrutto

They are on the southern slope of the Catena di Bocche, which is included between Passo di San Pellegrino and Passo di Vallès, this latest belonging to the Marmolada group.The lake of Bocche is in the south of the Zimò de Boce, the highest peak of the chain.

  • To the lakes from Paneveggio: 5 hours (return trip) You can see everywhere many evidences of the Great War. Moreover you can enjoy a wonderful sight on the Pale di San Martino.You can leave both from the village of Paneveggio, or few metres above the Park Visitor Centre, in this latest case you have to follow the dirt road n. 626. Reach the Malga di Bocche, and then a shelter through the path n. 623. At the extremity of the clearing, after a rise, you will find the lake of Bocche. Run along the lake and follow the signs on the walls of the trenches. Reach the Forcella at 2555 m, on the southern ridge of the Cimon di Bocche; from here the path n. 628 leads to the peak.
    Back to the Forcella, you have now to go downhill to Val Giuribrutto, along the path n. 628. In a short time you will reach the Forcella di Giuribrutto, so turn right and descend to the lake of Giuribrutto along the path 629. Then follow the military road and go uphill to Passo di Valles and the homonymous Rifugio.

Duration: 01:00 hours