Trekking in the Sassolungo: around Sassopiatto

Starting point is the Sella Pass. From here you climb up the Sassolungo mountain pass by cable car or on foot along path 525 which goes up the gravel slope. In both cases we reach the Toni Demetz Hut (2681 m), from where we start to follow the gravelly canal to the north of the Sassolungo group. Continue to follow the path 525, at the beginning the path is steep but after 15 minutes it becomes easier. After 45 minutes of walking you will reach the Vicenza Hut, from here continue along the path 525 following the signs for the Sassopiatto Hut. When the path becomes a dirt road, take path 527.

Proceeding westwards, the Sassopiatto wanders on the flat path 527, at the edge of the forest and on grassy slopes, touching the Piz da Uridl (2109 m); continue to the south until you reach the Sassopiatto Hut. Proceeding along the path 557 dedicated to Friedrich August, you pass through two private Sandro Pertini (2300 m) and Friedrich August huts (2298 m) until you reach the Furcela Rodela. Finally, touching two other huts (Piz Grohmann and Valentini), you return on the road to the starting point.

Technical dates

Starting point: Sella Pass (2240 m)
Arriving point: Sella Pass (2240 m)
Height difference: 6400 m (100 m more if by cableway)
Walk duration: 5.30 hours
Difficulty: itinerary that takes place on paths or on traces of passage in varied terrain (pastures, debris), usually with signs or sometimes on open land
Recommended period: from the end of June to October
Access: from Canazei, along S.S. 242, to Sella Pass
Path: Sella Pass, Toni Demetz Hut, Vicenza Hut, Piz da Uridl, Sassopiatto Hut, Pertini Hut, Federico Augusto Hut and back to Sella Pass

Difficulty: Degree E = hikers
Length: 12.6 km
Duration: 05:00 hours
Difference in altitude: 400 m

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