Alpine Path of the Dolomites no. 8

This route, which goes from Feltre to Bassano del Grappa, is also known as "Alpine Path of the Heroes". It starts from the Piave Valley, in the vicinity of Feltre, and ends in the Brenta Valley: two big rivers that remind us of heroic achievements and mark the boundaries of this pre-alpine route.

The peculiar configuration of the mountain enables hikers to avoid hard ascents and descents, except for the first part (Feltre - Mt Tomatico) and the last (Cima Grappa - Bassano).

A long part of the route unwinds along the ridges of Mt Tomatico, Mt Paoda, Mt Santo, Sassumà Peak, Mt Peurna, Mt Paion, Colle Crodarotta, Mt d'Avien, Sasso delle Capre, Mt Fontanasecca. It follows mainly mule-tracks or quite good trails. Sometimes the trail is absent, but there are useful red signals to lead the way.

The route can be divided into four parts (but you can obviously decide otherwise). The only real hut along the way is the "Bassano alla Cima Grappa", while the other stages offer old romantic alpine cattle huts where you can stay overnight only if you have a sleeping bag.

Once you have reached the summit of Mt Grappa, you can visit the Shrine of Mt Grappa and the Vittorio Emanuele III Tunnel, the grandest and most amazing wartime work. It was planned and built between January and June 1918, in order to strengthen the defence structures on the mountain.

Technical data

Start Location: Feltre (province of Belluno)
End Location: Bassano del Grappa (province of Vicenza)
Crossing time: 4 days
Trail lenght: about 63 km
Shelters on the main route: 1
Bivouacs on the main route: 5
Longest leg: from Malga Pàoda to Malga Val Dumèla Pala – Stage 2, crossing time: 8 hours
Shortest leg: from Malga Val Dumèla Bassano hut – Stage 3, crossing time: 5 hours
Total crossing time: about 25 hours
Difficulty: medium and high

Total altitude difference uphill: about 3,100 m
Total altitude difference downhill: about 3,200 m

Maximum altitude difference uphill: 1,340 m, Feltre – Mount Tomatico – Stage 1
Maximum altitude difference downhill: 1,615 m, Cima Grappa – Bassano del Grappa – Stage 4

Maximum trail altitude: Bassano Hut to Cima Grappa, 1,745 m
Minimum trail altitude: Bassano del Grappa, 130 m
Mountain group along the way: Grappa Massif

Opening period of the shelters: from the end of May to the beginning of November
Signs: adequate everywhere

Recommended period: from June to October

Recommended topographic maps

I.G.M. maps 1:25.000
- Feltre: sheet 22, II, SE; 
- Seren del Grappa: sheet 37, I, NE; 
- Cavaso del Tomba: sheet 37, I, SE; 
- Monte Grappa: sheet 37, I, SO;
- Bassano: sheet 37, II, NO
- Canale del Brenta, CAI di Bassano (only the last stage)

Map 1:30.000
- Il Massiccio del Grappa i sentieri, Comunità Montana Brenta, Grappa, Feltrino (good, with the whole route)
- Colli Asolani - Grappa - Tomba, Zanetti (only the last stage)

Map 1:50.000
- Le Vette, Monte Grappa, Pilotto, Feltre (the whole route)
- Altopiano di Asiago, Kompass


Stage 1: Feltre - Malga Pàoda crossing Tomatico Mount
Total altitude difference: 1,340 m (uphill), 420 m (downhill)
Trail Length: about 15 km
Crossing Time: 6 hours
Signs: no. 841
Difficulty: Touristic - Hiking

- Connection 1: Ciladón - Malga Pàoda (1.45 h)
- Connection 2: Val di Prada - Malga Pàoda (1.30 h)

Stage 2: Malga Pàoda - Malgo Val Dumèla along the “CAI Montebelluna” Path
Total altitude difference: 780 m (uphill), 790 m (downhill)
Trail Length: about 15 km
Crossing Time: 8 hours
Signs: no. 847
Difficulty: Trekking – Equipped Trekking – via ferrata

- Alternative Route 1: on the crest via Santo Mount and Sassumà Mount

- Connection 3: from Cengia di Prada to Malga Zavàte-Sassumà
- Connection 4: from Schievenìn to Malga Zavàte-Sassumà (1.45 h) or from the parking of Santa Barbara to Malga Zavàte-Sassumà (1.45 h) - from Malga Zavàte-Sassumà to Forcella Alta (2.30 h from Malga Pàoda) - from Forcella Alta to Forcella Bassa (30 min.)
- Connection 5: from the parking of Schievenin to Forcella Bassa (2 h) - from Forcella Bassa to Forcella d'Avién
- Connection 6: from the rock climbing of Schievenin to Forcella d'Avién (2 h) - from Ponte d'Avién to Forcella d'Avién (2 h) - from Forcella d'Avién to Malga Val Dumèla (8 h from Malga Pàoda)
- Connection 7: from Schievenin to Malga Val Dumèla (2.30 h)

Stage 3: Malga Val Dumèla - Bassano hut through Col dell'Orso
Total altitude difference: 830 m (uphill), 260 m (downhill)
Trail Length: about 13 km
Crossing Time: 5 hours
Signs: no. 845, 843, 156
Difficulty: Trekking

- Alternative Route 2: through Malga Col de Spadaròt
- Alternative Route 3: through Val delle Mure

Stage 4: Bassano hut - Bassano del Grappa through Val dei Lebi and Val di Santa
Total altitude difference: 1,615 m (downhill)
Trail Length: about 20 km
Crossing Time: 6 hours
Signs: no. 80
Difficulty: Touristic - Hiking

N.B. Before starting the itinerary, it is advisable to find out about the weather and verify the opening of the shelters and their availability.

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