Castel Tesino Caves

The cave lies in Castel Tesino and was discovered by chance by Bortolo Da Rugna, while working in a survey along the river Senaiga. The place is still called "Bus de la Lora" - as in the local dialect "lora" means "funnel". In the flood period the cave receives water from the torrent, what makes a dull sound, similar to the noise produced by a giant funnel... The karst cave of Castel Tesino extends for about 400 m. and is characterized by tunnels, arabesques, millenary stalactites and stalagmites. The constant temperature, the very high humidity level, the presence of water have been excellent conditions for a rich subterranean flora and fauna.
The cave shows strange tracks on the walls, attributed to the Ursus Speleus Ros, a cave bear contemporary with the Quaternary prehistoric man. In Trentino only fragmentary fossil rests of Ursus Speleus Ros have been found and the cave in Castello Tesino is the only one that shows such tracks.

  • Starting point and arrival: Prati Magri - this place is connected with the road to Passo Brocon, in the municipality of Castello Tesino.
  • Public transport: suburban bus service Trentino Trasporti, line 405 - bus stop "Castello Tesino", then continue by taxi or on foot for 3 km.
  • Tourist Information: Azienda per il Turismo Lagorai + 39 0461.593322
  • Difficulty level: T "Touristic"
  • Timetable and difference in height: the visit in the cave takes about 1,5 hours, the path to the cave (half an hour) has a difference in height of about 100 m.  
  • Recommended clothing: comfortable boots, a cap, a K-way, one or two change of t-shirts. Do not forget a small store of food.
  • Recommended season: spring / summer

** Please note that the cave can be visited with a guide only. Paying guided tours. Visitors' minimum age: 8. Reservations: please contact the APT Lagorai **

Difficulty: Degree T = tourist
Duration: 04:30 hours
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