Pieve, Pozzale, Costapiana Hut

Description: from Pieve di Cadore reach the village of Pozzale. From here it is possible to follow the path 253 of the Costanuda towards the staple of Antracisa or also to walk along the cart road of Mount Trànego to the same staple.

After you have reached the staple, take the mule track that leads under the Col de San Dionisio; the path is marked from an unnumbered white-red road sign. A short detour allows to reach the top of the hill and to admire beautiful alpine church dedicated to the homonymous Saint.

Continuing along the path 251 you reach Costapiana Hut.

  • Starting point: Pieve di Cadore (880 m), Pozzale
  • Arriving point: Costapiana Hut
  • Difficulty: itinerary on mule track; the path doesn't always present road signs.
  • Best period: from June to October
  • Access: from Pozzale.

Notes: Pieve di Cadore, Pozzale, Staple Antracisa, Col de San Dionisio, Fienili Costapiana, Costapiana Hut.

Difficulty: Degree E = hikers
Length: 9.9 km
Max Altitude: 1610
Duration: 06:00 hours