Fauna - Natural Park of Adamello-Brenta

The extraordinary environmental conformation of the park territory allows the presence of a fauna including, among others, rare animal species. Among them, the brown bear, a shy, flesh-eating animal, the fox, a cunning predator, and five different sorts of weasels are of particular interest.

On the higher grasslands there are numerous herds of Alpine chamois; roe-bucks and deer have instead their natural habitat in the lower meadows of the valley.
Steinbocks have recently reappeared in the higher zones of the park; these animals are now present in the area again thanks to a common project of the Park of Adamello-Brenta and the neighbouring park of Lombardia region.
To convey a complete idea of the fauna of the park, mouflons and the numerous rodents and insectivores (squirrels, shrew-mice, marmots) must be mentioned.

Bird species are equally rich and interesting: among them the mimetic francolin, different species of cocks, the white patridge. Last but not least, diurnal birds of prey (golden eagles, hawks, eagle-owls, little owls and horned owls) reptiles and the numerous fish species of the Alpine lakes.

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