Flora and fauna of the Friuli Dolomites Nature Park

The Park is peopled by chamois, roe deer, marmots, stags, wood-grouses and a big colony of ibex. The presence of the golden eagle is a sign of the good health of the park and of its rich fauna.

... 215 million years ago

At the foot of the waterfall of Rio di Casamento there is a rock which came off the overhanging mountain wall: on its surface two dinosaur tracks can be seen. They belong to the same trail, which was left by a two-footed animal. This find is clearly visible only with suitable lighting. The track has three thin, long fingers; the central finger is longer than the others (35 cm in all).

You can find: chamois, deer, marmots, grouse, black grouse, deer and a large colony of wild goats in continuous expansion.

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