Alta Via Günther Messner

The Alta Via Günther Messner is a high mountain route dedicated to the Val di Funes mountaineer Günther Messner, brother of Reinhold Messner, who died in 1970 during an alpine expedition to Nanga Parbat.

From Funes (road from Klausen) we drive up the road to the Herbstjoch - Ju de Börz. The route starts once you reach the Russis Cross/Russis Kreuz (1,715m). Once here, start by following the signs for the Günther Messner High Route "GM" in a south-easterly direction across the Covelo/Kofelwiese meadow. Continue up to the Furtschellensattel pass at an altitude of 2,114 metres. Continue along the south side of the Lavina Bianca/Weisslahnspitzen peak to the junction with trail no. 25. From here, continue to the Tullen (2,653m). The Tullen can also be climbed.

Follow trail no. 25 back to the Günther Messner high altitude trail and, via slight via ferrata passages, cross the long Odle di Eores ridge to the Forcella de Putia/Peitlerscharte (2,357 m). From here, follow the "GM" signpost again to the starting and finishing point, the Croce Russis.

Trail numbers: Günther Messner "GM"-34A, Trail no. 25, Günther Messner "GM"-34A

Difficulty: Difficult
Length: 15 km
Max Altitude: 2643
Duration: 07:30 hours
Difference in altitude: 1240 m

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