Leone castle

Along the road leading to the Passo Palade, the pass that connects Merano to the Val di Non, stands Castel Leone, which dominates from the top of a spur the valley that descends towards the Adige and the entire town of Lana. Built around 1200, it became a much sought-after "booty" due to its strategic position.

Castel Leone in Lana was built by the Counts Brandis, whose descendants are still the owners of the castle today. This is very rare for South Tyrolean castles and perhaps this is why the castle has retained its original form, even though part of it was destroyed by fire in the 13th century.

The dominant position over the valley attracted the interest of Count Mainardo II on the manor, who attacked Castel Leone: Count Brandis, before the second assault, decided to donate the castle to the enemy, (which then passed into the hands of the Counts of Tyrol-Gorizia), to return between 1461 and 1463 to the Counts Brandis again.

The fortress has two imposing three-storey towers and a stately home.

It is privately owned and cannot be visited.

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