Castle Monteleone

The castle is dated back to the XIII century. Indeed it was built between 1240 and 1280 in a panoramic position above the town of Cermes/Tschermes.
The inner courtyards, situated on the Marling Wall, an ancient irrigation canal, are very picturesque and the chapel still preserves frescoes of the XV century.

The rooms of the castle are well worth seeing for their furnishing and the precious wooden ceilings. The gigantic family tree and the portraits of the ancestors in the Knights Room, the Mirror, Armours and farmer Rooms, furnished in the gothic style and the rococo gardens are also particularly interesting.

  • PLACE Castle Monteleone/Schloss Lebenberg
  • OWNER Cermes/Tscherms
  • TELEPHONE Opening: Easter-October:10,30-12,30;14,30-16. Closed on Sundays
  • TIMETABLE 0473 561425

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