Curiosities and tips for a holiday in the Dolomites

Informations, articles and tips for a holiday in the UNESCO Dolomites of Trentino, South Tyrol and Belluno

Art and culture

Gente di montagna: permanent photographic exhibit in Pozzale di Cadore

A village does not consist only of houses, streets, walls and fountains. A village ne...

Art and culture

A journey through art, history and culture in Valsugana


The Valsugana, besides being a large diffuse museum of contemporary art, is also an a...

Art and culture

The Forest of Violins


Violins, in Val di Fiemme, found their raw material: the resonance firs. The lute-mak...

Art and culture

The bell tower in the lake of Resia

A lake which seems to extend as far as the eternal snow of the glaciers with the bell...

Art and culture

Taialacqua Old Sawmill


It was founded in 1500, as a cooperative, by Molveno inhabitants, under the request o...

Art and culture

Dante in Rovereto


Certainly, Rovereto was well-known since ancient time for the beauty and suggestion o...

Art and culture

Auronzo and the Somadida Forest


Like many other places in the province of Belluno, Auronzo was ruled by the Serenissi...