Climbing on Sella and Pordoi Pass

Gruppo di Sella - this group, together with the Pale di San Martino, the Dolomites of Brenta, unanimously presents the more solid cliff nearly everywhere. No wonder therefore if it's very attended, and if it offers hundred of beautiful climbs. We cannot mention them all, and therefore we just outline the opportunities available in Vallòn (rif. Kostner) and around Passo Pordòi.

Rif. Kostner is accessible both from Corvara in Badia (cable ways+chair lift) and from Passo Campolongo.

This area offers:

  • Beautifull walls at 2500 m: for detailed info ask at the Refuge
  • The beautiful Castiglioni al Piz da Lec, IV, but there are more difficult ways!
  • Via Castiglioni al Sass da les Diesc (from III to V-) and other more demanding ways 
  • Vie Castiglioni (IV) and Goedeke (IV+) on Sass dales Nu, and also here more difficult ways.

You could go down to Passo Pordòi after climbing the W wall of Sass Pordòi (800 m, via Fedele, IV+, via Dibona, III and IV) but also after going up Spigolo Maria (very attended, IV); nice is also - always on Sass Pordòi- Pederiva from SE, III. Other remunerative ways are to be found also on the close Sass de Fòrcia.

Hotel Arabba - Pordoi Pass and environs