Garda Trentino Half Marathon

Event date 10-11-2024

On 10 November, the Garda Trentino Half Marathon will be run between the towns of Riva del Garda, Arco and Torbole. This is an international road running race in which world-class athletes, such as the Kenyans, will participate.

There are four race routes: 21.097 km10 km 5 km Kids open to children from 0 to 14 years of age.

The event is open to all children from 0 to 14 years, and they will be divided into three starts depending on their age:- 0 to 5 years - 400 m - 1 lap of the course- 6 to 10 years - 800 m - 2 laps of the course- 11 to 14 years - 1,200 m - 3 laps of the course.

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