The Pelmo in the Belluno Dolomites

Pelmo is one of most well-known and loved destination of the Bellunesi Dolomites, between Val di Zoldo, Valle Boite and Selva di Cadore.

Known as "caregon de 'l Padreterno", for the singular concave shape at the base of the peak, the mountain is divided in two main peaks: Pelmo (north) and Pelmetto (south) that are separated by a deep fissure, named Fessura.

The geological aspects are very interesting: at the foot of Pelmetto the climbing lovers have found the first testimony of the dinosaur’s presence.

At the discovery of Pelmo: between trekking and ski

Pelmo and Civetta offers beautiful excursions and climbing. In 1857, the Irish John Ball climbed the Pelmo for the first time, while in 1896 the guides Clemente Callegari and Angelo Panciera climbed the Pelmetto.

In the Pelmo Group, there are some trekking itineraries of different length. One of the most well-known excursion is “The Pelmo Tour” with the starting and arrival point in Staulanza Hut (1,773 mt), situated between Val di Zoldo and Val Fiorentina.

The ring route is accessible in clockwise and anti-clockwise direction and has two different variations: one climbs until the boulder of the dinosaur’s footprints, the other is direct to Città di Fiume Hut, an extraordinary panoramic point.

During the winter, the skiing lovers can admire the beauty of the landscape: the ski area San Vito di Cadore allow to descend the runs at the proximity of the majestic and covered with snow rock throne as a backdrop of the ice skating artificial center "Happy Park" in Borca di Cadore.

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