The Dolomites and the ski mountaineering

The dolomites are the best place where to practice ski mountaineering. The Dolomites, a UNESCO heritage, offer itineraries for every level of difficulty and level of experience. Once reach the top pf the mountain the panorama is spectacular and breathtaking. The feeling of being on the top fills heart and soul with joy and warmth. Choose the best skiing week for you and do not miss the opportunity to ski on the most beautiful Dolomite slopes



Ski Mountaineering in Agordino

From Agordo and its surroundings you can reach many mountain groups with your climbing skins and ski mountaineering skis. One of these are the Pale di San Martino: take the Rosetta cableway and reach the plateau....

Ski mountaineering in Central Cadore

Many of the valleys and saddles in Central Cadore have been already conquered by ski mountaineers. Anyway, this area is not crowded at all, also because the itineraries often require a long march, and sometimes the...

Ski Mountaineering in Comelico

Where the Dolomites blend with the more gentle Carnic Alps, you will find more and more opportunities for ski mountaineering. In fact, Comelico and Sappada offer many kinds of ski mountaineering routes. For example,...