#TRENTINOSKISUNRISE: enjoy sunrise and breakfast on the skis

Dawn in the Dolomites is an exceptional sight. In the summer in the huts, but also in the winter, with the magic of skiing and fresh snow. Although, due to the cold and lack of open facilities, it is a privilege for the few. But today, thanks to early plant openings of a few hours, #Trentinoskisunrise arrives, a new experience that allows you to discover a new and special way to start your day in the Dolomites.

The appointment with #Trentinoskisunrise starts in December to end in March. Mountain and ski enthusiasts will be able to experience the new day, between fresh snow and intense slopes and observe the enchantment of the sunrise in the mountains from a privileged point of view. And then, a good breakfast in the huts and in the shelters of the ski slopes just traveled.

The initiative involves the use of skis or snowshoes, in the company of masters, guides and guides of the territory, who know the environment well and allow you to discover it in complete safety. The events are held each time in a different ski resort among those participating in the initiative.

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