Hay baths

Hay-bathing is one of the most ancient and efficient natural remedies, which was discovered, almost by chance, by farmers of Trentino and South Tyrol who went up to the mountains to restock the hay for their animals. During the night they slept covered in layers of freshly cut hay and the day after they felt in really top form and were ready for another day of hard work.

After this discovery, some people thought to exploit the beneficial properties of herbs with hay-bath treatments. The treatment consists in laying down in a bed of previously cut herbs and alpine flowers, and rest for about twenty minutes. Lady's mantle, mugwort, fescue, valerian, lavender and the other herbs making up this therapeutic mix start fermenting, and the heat they generate helps the body removing fluids and toxins. At the same time these herbs moisturize the skin and have therapeutic effects on muscles, articulations and bones. Moreover, this treatment has purifying and relaxing effects, besides improving your skin condition.

At the end of this unusual "green sauna" you will relax and rest covered with wool blankets until you stop sweating.
Researches show a 70% to 90% general improvement in treated patients, with benefits lasting for about 8-10 months.

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