Kneipp path

In the Kneipp path you alternate hot and cold baths where feet and ankles are pleasantly massaged by small jets of water. This therapy has a wonderful beneficial effect on blood circulation. Wellness centers, or even nature itself, offer different types of Kneipp path: water baths, snow baths and dew baths.

This therapy goes back to the 19th century, when the priest Sebastian Kneipp started studying naturopathic medicine and hydrotherapy to recover his health: he discovered that sudden and constant cold water stimuli boosted the immune and circulatory systems.

In the wellness centers, the Kneipp cure consists of walking on pebbles, that pleasantly massage the soles of your feet, of alternatively entering up to your knees baths of hot and cold water, and of being massaged by jets of water. This therapy improves blood circulation, reducing swelling and sensations of heaviness, and brings oxygenated blood in the lower limbs.

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