Malgolo Castle

Malgolo Castle is located in the homonymous village, in the municipality of Romeno, and it is now a private residence closed to public visits. Surrounded by green vegetation, Malgolo Castle is a splendid example of a medieval stronghold and an elegant, typically 19th-century romantic style residence.

The Malgolo Castle is known from 1342: the original nucleus consisted of the "Torre Grande" which was transformed and extended by its owners over the centuries.

In 1891 the baron Raffaele de Concini bought Castel Malgolo, saving it from the decay with an important restoration that was continued by the next owner, Count Camillo Premoli of Cremona. The structure of the building changed over time, until it assumed its current appearance, with the towers at the corners and the beautiful seventeenth-century windows.

The Malgolo Castle can not be visited and is admirable only from the outside.