Sellaronda: clockwise or counterclockwise?

The Quattro Passi Tour (Four Steps) or more commonly the Sellaronda skitour is a must for all lovers of downhill skiing. This is an easily accessible panoramic tour around the Sella massif, without ever taking off your skis, also doable in the summer with a mountain bike.

The tour or skitour of the Sellaronda can be described as a pleasant ski trip to accomplish with the whole family, through some of the most important Ladin Valleys: Val Badia, Val Gardena, Val di Livinallongo, and Val di Fassa, and the four steps that connect them: Sella, Campolongo, Pordoi, and Gardena. Starting points are all the places included in the tour: Selva di Val Gardena, Corvara, Canazei, and Arabba.

Major locations around the Sella massif

- Val Gardena (Alto Adige)
- Alta Badia (Alto Adige)
- Arabba (Belluno)
- Val di Fassa (Trentino)

Sellaronda: itinerario in senso ANTIORARIO

Detail: 15,705 meters with lifts and 22,950 meters of slopes. 38 km and 655 m

It starts from the village of Selva di Val Gardena. Take the Ciampinoi cable car and continue to the Plan de Gralba. Take the Piz Setëur chairlift and face a small descent to the Sassolungo chair lift, where there is a run that extends to the Sassolungo foothills. Cross the city of stones and reach the famous Passo Sella. Once on the Sella, take the Sasso Levante chair lift to the Salei valley. At the bottom of the Salei valley, take the Pian Frataces cable car, from the Lupo Bianco to Kristiania, where the 6-seater chairlift takes you to the Sas Becè refuge. You'll reach a long descent which arrives at the Belvedere ski area in Arabba. Continue with the chairlift that leads to Bec de Roces. The next descent leads to Passo Campolongo, continuing with the chairlift up to Crëp di Mont until you reach the descent to Corvara, in Alta Badia. A gondola lift takes skiers to Colfosco and a long gondola lift takes you to the Cir hut on the Gardena Pass. After a few more slopes, take the Val Setus chairlift that reaches the famous Gardena Pass. After a few photos and a break at the mountain hut, the tour continues with the chair lift up to the Dantercëpies to return downhill through the woods to Val Gardena.

Sellaronda: CLOCKWISE itinerary

Detail: 13,518 meters with lifts and 23,100 m of slopes. Almost 37 km

The Sellaronda clockwise itinerary starts from Selva di Val Gardena. Taking the Costabella chairlift, in the center of Selva Gardena, reach the Dantercëpies cable car which takes you to the Gardena Pass. Head down the slopes of Colfosco, where a cableway leads to Corvara, where you'll go up again with the Boè cableway and then descend to Passo Campolongo. Here the ski lift takes skiers to Bec de Roces, where the trail for Arabba starts. When you arrive in the Veneto area of Arabba, take the cableway that leads to Porta Vescovo to ski down to Pont de Vauz. The Fedom chairlift then leads to the Pordoi Pass. After a short descent you'll reach a new chairlift, the one for Lezuo, which reaches Belvedere. You can then ski along the panoramic snowy slopes down to the town of Pian Frataces, reaching Lupo Bianco where you'll climb to the Rodella Pass - Sella Pass thanks to the cableway and chair lift. A long and beautiful descent leads back to the renowned Selva di Val Gardena.

Please note: evaluate and study the weather forecast, know in advance which slopes and lifts are the open or closed, because connections with public transport aren't always easy. Start the tour as soon as possible and before 10.00 am, as it is mandatory to pass the last step before 15.30, to avoid finding the lifts closed and thus not being able to return.

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