The Trento Film Festival returns with a new and rich edition

11 April 2023

There is less and less to go before the start of a new and increasingly rich edition of the renowned Trento Film Festival. The event dedicated to the world of mountains will start on 28 April and continue until 7 May.

Over 130 films and more than 150 events for all ages are scheduled in Trento for the 71st edition. The main theme of the films in the programme will be mountains, but there will also be topics on mountaineering adventures, the relationship between man and the mountains, nowadays increasingly seen as a borderline environment, and the role of women in mountain communities.

The opening and closing films and the feature films out of competition have been announced. "A passo d'uomo" starring Jean Dujardin will open the festival, while "Rispet", the debut feature film by Trento director Cecilia Bozza Wolf, will close the film programme.

The new "Quarta parete" section, born from the collaboration between Hervé Barmasse and Tudor Laurini and dedicated to content creators and works produced on YouTube, is back again this year. The winner will be awarded at the 70th Trento Film Festival. Trento Film Festival.

T4Future (Trento Film Festival For Future) is the Trento Film Festival's independent section dedicated to new generations: schools, teachers, children and families. A rich programme to promote issues related to sustainable development, environmental protection and citizenship education.

Destination... Ethiopia

After the special edition of the 70th edition, which turned Destination... into a journey through time and history of the Trento Film Festival, the new edition returns to explore landscapes and cultures of the planet, focusing on Ethiopia. At 1,330 metres above sea level, Ethiopia is one of the highest countries on the planet. Its highest peak is Ras Dascian, which reaches 4,533 metres, while Addis Ababa, at 2,355 metres, is the fourth highest capital city in the world.

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