Ski mountaineering itinerary: Cima Rosetta - Col Verde

This is a classic ski mountaineering itinerary, even if the slopes aren't always in the best conditions. In fact, it requires stable snow and you need to take the Rosetta cableway, which is not always open. For this itinerary you need the normal ski mountaineering equipment.

Description: this itinerary starts at the top station of the Col Verde - Rosetta cable car. From this spot, you can easily ascend the slope taking to the Rosetta peak (2743 m) and redescend close to the station. Take the short slope to Rosetta Pass (2572 m). Once you've reached the pass, take the slope facing directly Col Verde. Pay attention to possible slabs of snow. Go on trough a short canyon (about 40°). If there isn't much snow, we suggest you to keep right under the peculiar rocky buttress of Corona. Somewhat later, move to the right and enter a gorge descending to the beaten Col Verde ski slope. Before you reach this slope, you will run into some narrow ways among the rocks, with up to 45° slope). As an alternative, you can go on on the right past a sort of ridge and descend to the Col Verde station. From Col Verde you can go back to San Martino di Castrozza.

Difficulty: Difficult
Max Altitude: 2700
Duration: 01:00 hours
Difference in altitude: 1234 m

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