Cycling in Bellunese




25 km

Height difference:

900 m



Starting point: Carve di Mel
Lenght: 25 km
Duration: 3,30 ore
Difficulty: medio-difficile
Difference in height: 900 m
Comments: uno degli itinerari più interessanti, intriso com'è di significativi risvolti storici

From the place of Carve run along the road on the left (towards Pellegai), then pass a bridge and enter the hamlet of Samprogno. On the right enter a climbing road, then descend briefly and turn right at the fountain along the unasphalted road called "Pontera", that will lead you to Zelant.As you climb the scenery open on the wonderful Val Belluna and on the southern borders of the National Park of the Dolomiti Bellunesi. From the place turn right and past the church, turn right again along a sweet descent on excavated ground, following the directions to "Caosa". At the stablekeep the left till a junction and then turn right into a path which leads to a river gravel bed. Ford it and then climb through the wood to Praderadego .
Through some sharp but short climbings you will reach the highest altitude of this part of the itinerary. Then descend quickly through the meadows of Costa dell'Erba and intersect the road that links Carve to Praderadego. Turn left and reach San Fermo in Praderadego, where one of the branches of the military road Claudia Augusta Altinate, built by the Romans during the first decades A.D., transit.
At a sheet of water ("posa"), follow the road to Pian Castron and Malga Canidi; at the next junction keep the right starting the spectacular descent to Tiago: pay attention!
Just past the Castello di Zumelle, on the right, enter the asphalted road on the right and reach the church of San Donà. Continue following the directions to Praderadego, turn left and past the hamlet of Ponte Valmaor go back to Carve, after 25 km.