Trekking in Centro Cadore: to the Padova Hut

Itinerary to the Padova Hut

Starting from Domegge di Cadore, cross the bridge that closes the long Lake of Centro Cadore and, on the opposite shore, take the asphalt road on the right. This road climbs up the steep right orographic slope of the Val Talagona, going through a thick conifers forest.

After about 4.5 km, on the left, you will find the fork for the Cercenà Hut (you'll be there in two minutes), at an altitude of 1050 m. This building is very suggestive and it stands beautifully in the centre of a clearing. There is also an excellent fountain.

The road continues alternating asphalt and dirt stretches. The Rio Talagona forms a beautiful waterfall at the bottom of the valley.

The route gets nearer to the stream, but it soon detaches again.

Keep always on the left; now the road is steeper and it ends at a small parking lot, where a bar usually prevents cars from going further. A small chapel can be seen high on a hillock.

The road to the Padova Hut runs on the right. The building is situated at the edge of a vast clearing. Late spring offers splendid blooms to the view.

Excursions from the Padova Hut

  • to the Forcella Scodavacca or Giaf (2,040 m), 2 hrs, trail signs
  • to the Forcella Monfalcon di Forni (2,309 m), 2.30 hrs, trail signs

More about Padova Hut

Val di Toro | 32040 Domegge di Cadore BL
Constructed in 1910 by the CAI section of Padova
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Telephone: +39 0435 72488

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