In Valsugana for a holiday at the lake

With free, tree-lined beaches equipped with a "safe beach" service, in the summer months the equipped bathing establishments around the lakes of Levico and Caldonazzo are the ideal destination for those seeking a relaxing holiday in close contact with nature.

Valsugana is a popular tourist destination for its numerous mountain bike trails, trekking along the Lagorai chain and for water sports and pleasant walks along the lakefront.

Caldonazzo lake

The two large lakes of Levico and Caldonazzo can be bathed in from May until September. The Caldonazzo lake is the largest lake belonging entirely to Trentino and is a real natural gym for water sports such as canoeing, sailing, stand-up paddling and swimming. It is also the only one in the area where water skiing is permitted. Its extension reaches five kilometres with a maximum depth of 49 metres. In 2017, all the beaches of the lakeshore resorts (S. Cristoforo-Pergine Valsugana, Calceranica, Caldonazzo, Tenna) were awarded the Blue Flag by the FEE.

Levico lake

This is the second largest lake in Valsugana and, together with Caldonazzo lake, is among the warmest lakes in southern Europe. It extends for over one square kilometre and has a maximum depth of 38 metres. Its shape is very reminiscent of a Norwegian fjord, where you can enjoy pleasant electric boat trips. Like Caldonazzo lake, Levico lake was awarded the Blue Flag in 2017 for the quality of its water, the services on the beaches and the special features of the location, as well as the sustainable management of the territory.

It is located a short distance from Caldonazzo and the Colle di Tenna separates the two bodies of water.

Valsugana cycle path

In addition to the activities on the lake, it is also possible to cycle along the Valsugana cycle path. The route is mostly flat and suitable for everyone. At some points there are also rest areas for cyclists with bicigrilles, as well as a bike sharing system that allows you to rent a bike at one point along the route and return it to another location, thus returning comfortably by train with the whole family.

Hiking in Valsugana

Surrounding the two lakes are the Vezzena Plateau and the Lagorai chain, which offer tourists walks in the countryside and excursions to the characteristic malghe (shepherd's huts) where cheese is still made according to ancient traditions, and where there is a unique opportunity to adopt a cow and taste 0 km products.

Also in this area is one of the few oases in the Alps - the WWF Valtrigona Oasis in Val Calamento - an ideal place to discover high mountain animals and plants. Other themed trails such as the Gnome Trail and the Flower Trail provide an opportunity to discover interesting aspects of the Alpine fauna and flora.

Sella Art

For lovers of contemporary art in nature, a visit to Arte Sella is a must: an open-air cultural walk through the meadows and woods of the Sella Valley, to discover the works of international artists made entirely from natural materials. A visit to the old Angeli Mill in Marter di Roncegno, where the Scarecrow Museum is housed, is certainly interesting.

A bit of adrenaline...

Those who are not satisfied with simple activities, but want to include a bit of adrenaline in their holidays, can opt for either the Acropark adventure park with routes suspended among the trees for adults and children, or a visit to the Caves of Castello Tesino.

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