Adamello Brenta Natural Park

Adamello-Brenta National Park is the largest park in the Trentino region, in the heart of the Retiche Alps, among the Giudicarie, Non and Sole valleys. Its perimeter encloses quite distinct geomorpholocical areas: in the west there are the volcanic, glacial rocks of the Adamello-Pressanella massif, in the east the dolomitic, sedimentary ones of the Brenta mountain range. Rendena valley (Val Rendena) separates the two mountain ranges.

Numerous valleys give access to the wildest and most secluded zones of the park. On the Adamello-Presanella side, Genova valley and Daone valley (the latter then opens onto Fumo valley) stand out for their abundance of water and for the variety of the flora and fauna. Here is the highest peak in Trentino, Presanella (3558 m), the theatre of violent conflicts between the Italian and the Austro-Hungarian armies during the First World War (the so-called "White War"). This peak is surrounded by other summits standing out over the big glaciers of Carè Alto, Lares, Lobbie and Mandròn-Adamello.

Impetuous watercourses gush out of here forming spectacular waterfalls and variegated small Alpine lakes (there are more than fifty in the area; the most famous is the Tovel lake).

The Dolomitic side of Brenta, owing to the millenary influence of the atmospheric conditions, has now an architectural conformation that is full of spires and towers.

Among the Alpine valleys that are characteristic of this area, we mention those of Melendrio, Sporeggio, Seghe, Ambiéz, Algone, Agola, Brenta and Vallesinella. The highest peaks in this area, which is usually divided into three sections, are Cima Brenta (3150 m), Cita Tosa (3173 m), Ambièz (3096 m) and Vallon (2935 m).

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