Antermoia Lake

It lies nortwards the Dirupi di Larsèch and eastwards the Catinaccio di Antermòia. In its nearby there is the Antermoia Hut (2,496 m).

  • From Gardeccia to Vajolèt Hut | 3,30 hours
    Along the mule track n. 546, climb to Vajolèt Hut: it takes about one hour; then turn into the path n. 584 and go northwards as far as Passo del Principe, where there is the Hut. Now you have to climb on the right, south-eastwards, under the walls of the Catinaccio d'Antermòja as far as the homonymous pass and the Dirupi del Lasèch (2,45 hours). Go downhill to the wide valley of Antermòja and the lake.
  • To Cima Scalierèt, m 2.889
    A skilled excursionist, from the Passo di Antermòja, continuing southwards, can reach the highest peak in the Catinaccio: it takes about one hour.
Difficulty: Medium
Max Altitude: 2889
Duration: 07:00 hours

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