Keschtnigl - Weeks of the chestnut

Event date from: 14-10-2022 to: 06-11-2022

The chestnut, the typical sweet autumn fruit, is the centerpiece of the Valley Isarco chestnut weeks (Keschtnigl-Weeks) in South Tyrol. In this period the participating hospitable farms offer menus, which are predominately prepared with the noble fruit. From the appetizer to the dessert everything will smell of chestnut. The Chestnut Festival - Keschtnigl will take place from 14th October till 6h November in Velturno, Valle Isarco. A tradition born on 1997 celebrated every year. The chestnut, the symbol of Velturno, has become very important for the local economy of the village in the last years.

Rich programme for everyone: Chestnuts on the Chestnut Trail, guided children's hike, chestnut and Kerner tastings, guided Toerggelen hikes and much more.

Programme Chestnut weeks

Friday, 14th October 2022
8.00 pm: Ignition of the chestnut fire with drummers at Silvius Magnago Square.
With roasted chestnuts and musical entertainment.

Saturday, 15th October 2022
10.00 am: „Törggele“-Market in the courtyard of Castle Velthurns with homemade specialties from the farmers as well as official opening of the 25th Chestnut Weeks at 10.30 am.

Saturday, 29th October 2022
10.00 am: Chestnut Market "Nigl" through the village of Feldthurns with demonstrations of traditional rural crafts. Specialties from the farm kitchen and wine cellar, freshly roasted chestnuts and farm products are waiting for you.

Sunday, 30th October 2022
10.00 am - 6.00 pm: Chestnut Festival „Keschtnigl-Sunntig“:
Törggelen through the village of Feldthurns with local specialties from kitchen and wine cellar as well as freshly roasted chestnuts.
Entertainment will be provided by the music groups "Feldthurner Tanzlmusig" and "Hopfenmusig" as well as the typical Tyrolean dance group “Schuhplattler” from Garn. In addition, demonstrations of traditional rural crafts with market.
For the kids there is a children's program from 11.00 am - 3.30 pm (in case of bad weather: Laurentiussaal)

Saturday, 5th November 2022
4.00 pm: Chestnuts and Kerner wine
Tasting of various Kerner wines, small chestnut appetizers and following chill-out.
Meeting point at the Castaneum Feldthurns.
Price: € 25.00 per person

Sunday, 16th & 23rd October & 6th November 2022
from 11.00 am: „Chestnuts along the Chestnut Trail“
Local farmers offer roasted chestnuts, tasty wines and farm products along the Chestnut Trail.
Stops: Inn Wöhrmaurer, S. Lorenz Church (16 + 23/10), Radoarhof, Moar in Guln, Inn St. Valentin

Monday, 17. & 24 & 31. October 2022
* 1.00 pm: Chestnut Hunt at the farm Moar in Guln.
Experience the traditional chestnut gathering and then buy them at half price from Martina & Erwin.

Wednesday, 19th & 26th October & 2nd November 2022
*10.00 am: Guided „Törggele“-hike with stop at a Törggele farm
Meeting point at the Tourist Info Feldthurns
Return at approx. 4.00 pm
Price: Free hike (excluding consumption)

Thursday, 20th & 27th October 2022
*3.00 pm: Chestnut experience
Herbert Kerschbaumer explains how to properly collect, cut and roast chestnuts with following tasting of the chestnuts.
Meeting point at farm Thalerhof Feldthurns
Duration: approx. 2h
Price: € 10.00 per person

Friday, 21st October 2022
*9.00 am: Wine, hiking and chestnut delicacy - Guided pleasure hike from Brixen:
Hike along the Chestnut Trail from Brixen to Feldthurns, with tasting of chestnut specialties with wine accompaniment at two typical restaurants.
Meeting point at the Tourist Info Brixen
Hiking time: 3 – 3,5h
Price: Free hike (excluding consumption)

Friday, 28th October & 4th November 2022
*10.00 am: Wine, hiking and chestnut delicacy - Guided pleasure hike Feldthurns:
Hike with tasting of traditional specialties and roasted chestnuts at local inns.
Meeting point at the Tourist Info Feldthurns
Hiking time: 2,5 - 3h
Return approx. at 4.00 pm
Price: Free hike (excluding consumption)

Thursday, 3rd November 2022
*2.00 pm: Guided adventure hike
Hiking together in the chestnut forest, telling stories and roasting chestnuts at the fire
Meeting point at the Castle Velthurns
Price: € 5.00 per person

*Registration necessary

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