Keschtnigl - Weeks of the chestnut

Event date from: 15-10-2021 to: 07-11-2021

The chestnut, the typical sweet autumn fruit, is the centerpiece of the Valley Isarco chestnut weeks (Keschtnigl-Weeks) in South Tyrol. In this period the participating hospitable farms offer menus, which are predominately prepared with the noble fruit. From the appetizer to the dessert everything will smell of chestnut. The Chestnut Festival - Keschtnigl will take place from 15th October till 7h November in Velturno, Valle Isarco. A tradition born on 1997 celebrated every year. The chestnut, the symbol of Velturno, has become very important for the local economy of the village in the last years.

Rich programme for everyone: Chestnuts on the Chestnut Trail, guided children's hike, chestnut and Kerner tastings, guided Toerggelen hikes and much more.

Hotel Velturno and environs